Introducing LiveEventTV™. Every fan has experienced the frustration of sitting in the stands, wondering what just happened on the field or court. Now, with imediaCast™, you can give your fans exactly what they want, the live TV broadcast of the game they're at in the palm of their hand, or any other program(s) you choose to serve. Best of all, with our solution, every fan can watch your broadcast, not just some % of simultaneous users you are serving on your overloaded Wi-Fi network.

Yes, that's right, every fan can watch and you don't need to invest in large bandwidth internet access. Plus, our exclusive App instantly connects them to your retail offers – food, merchandise, etc. Let us show you how to deliver closed circuit live broadcast TV to every mobile fan in a new affordable and profitable way.

imediaLink™ Wi-Fi Solutions

Another way imediaReach® is helping businesses reach their customers is through the use of imediaLink™ Wi-Fi solutions. Wi-Fi is simply now expected by consumers, but why would you only provide access to the World Wide Web? Smart businesses are now able to leverage their broadband investment to drive new recurring revenues and profits with our unique Wi-Fi marketing solutions.

You can now use Wi-Fi in your business in a variety of ways that allows your customers to instantly connect to your website, social media sites, online offers or any other digital content you want them to see. Best of all, with our controlled routing tools, you decide what your Wi-Fi guests can do and view. This affordable, fast, easy, and fully dynamic method of mobile marketing can be used for small or large businesses very effectively. Let us show you how to grow your business and customer loyalty with our imediaLink™ Wi-Fi solutions.

imediaReach® Mobile Marketing

The term Mobile Marketing encompasses a collection of services, to drive sales, increase loyalty, engage your customers, strengthen your brand and encourage repeat business. Using a variety of traditional marketing methods, you make your customers aware of your Mobile Marketing campaign. They opt in using their cell phones and voila! You now have a database of interested, engaged customers who've asked to hear from you.

imediaReach® consults with clients to choose the best methods and strategy to drive opt ins, to grow your database, revenues and profits. Cookie cutter solutions don't cut it. When you work with imediaReach® you get a customized, strategic solution that will work for your unique needs. Let us show you how to immediately benefit from interacting with your customers on the most personal device they own: their cell phones.

imediaRewards™ Mobile Loyalty Rewards

imediaRewards™ is a mobile version of an iconic classic: the loyalty rewards card. Consumers love loyalty cards and the rewards they offer but hate the hassle of keeping up with them. Businesses know they work, but often struggle with expensive start-up and costly collateral. imediaRewards™ is the solution. Compatible with any POS system, or even operating stand alone, our Patent Pending solution is perfect for any size business looking to offer a loyalty rewards program with low start-up or ongoing cost.

We take the best of legacy loyalty programs and provide a customized mobile solution for our clients, right on their customer's mobile device. Best of all, it's so easy to remember and use, as the consumer's cell phone number is their personal rewards account number too. We then top that off by combining immediate guest survey feedback, delivering for our clients a true real time customer perspective. Since permission-based opt in is required to participate, our clients quickly build a sizable mobile loyalty database they can directly market to time and time again, driving new revenues and profits.

imediaAds™ Digital Advertising

We all know the power of the internet, but there is a distinction between an annoying ad and a compelling, inviting, and strategically placed ad that commands attention. Let imediaReach® show you how to get real results that increase your ROI. It's not only about click-through. It's about enticing the right audience to take action on your offer, while delivering it effortlessly to them where they are.

We combine stunning creative, with captivating animation and even video ads to engage your prospects. All placed onto a tapestry of digital ad networks, supported by state of the art digital marketing tools. Imagine tracking not only clicks, but also knowing who responded, and retargeting them not only on their next search, but for weeks and months to come. You can even track results by source medium, for example desktop versus mobile, or banner versus video, giving you unique insights for future campaigns, or optimizing the campaign underway. Our custom Dashboard will help you understand what source of advertising produced the best results by providing a dynamic tracking system to allow you to make informed decisions. Let our industry experts show you how we can build an integrated digital and mobile campaign for you.

imediaTrak™ Results Tracking

How do you gauge the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising? Can you just rely on spray and prey anymore? imediaTrak™ offers outstanding measurement capabilities in an easy to use custom dashboard solution, showing results in real time, 24/7/365. The proof is in the pudding. Our superior results reporting technology allows for detailed results measurement like never before. imediaTrak™ can tell you what's working and what's not, so you know how to take your marketing to the next level.

We'll even measure other ad provider results for you, combining all your campaign results into a single delivered solution. Now you can finally know what's really working, and what's not, tracking campaign results in real time by media channel, based on directly measured consumer response. Let the imediaReach® reporting team show you how easy and affordable it can be to know what your advertising and marketing dollars are doing for you.